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Raleigh Studios coming to Park City
HEY EVERYONE!!! If there's ever been a pivotal moment in Utah's film industry, it's now. Raleigh Studios has officially signed to manage the potential studio in Park City. http://www.parkrecord.com/ci_17296369?source=most_viewed It's all coming down to one meeting. One meeting that we need EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU TO ATTEND. Raleigh Studios has decided on a location in the Park City area, and the issue at hand is zoning. We do not want the amendment to pass. There needs to be a show of solidarity and support for Raleigh Studios. There needs to be a show of support for the film industry in Utah. By representing in full force the film industry of Utah and of Raleigh Studios, you are representing yourself. Don't count on others to show up - YOU need to show up and make yourself heard. When you get there, please find myself and/or other representatives from Raleigh Studios. They've made a special request to know the names of those people in the Utah film industry that are making the effort to support them. Trust me, this is a group that you want to be recognized by. Please gather a group if possible. Raleigh Studios is best known for being the studio management company over such films as Iron Man 1&2, Transformers 1,2&3, Eagle Eye, Thor, Green Lantern (to name a few), and television series such as CSI: Miami, The Closer, Castle, 90210, Medium, and a myriad of other series. DATE & LOCATION: February 8, 2011, 6:00 p.m. Sheldon Richins Building (Library building) 1885 W Ute Blvd (formerly 6505 North Landmark Dr.), Park City, Utah PUBLIC HEARING NOTICE Snyderville Basin Development Code Amendment Section 10-2-14: Annexation Declaration Area Overlay Zone Snyderville Basin Public notice is hereby given that the Snyderville Basin Planning Commission will conduct a public hearing to review, discuss and possibly recommend an amendment to the Snyderville Basin Development Code Section 10-2-14, concerning the Annexation Declaration Area Overlay Zone (ADA Zone). If you've got any questions, please shoot them to sec60pro@gmail.com Thanx, everyone!

Date :2009-May-16

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